The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has recently acquired the Van Halen “Frank 2″ guitar played and made famous by Eddie Van Halen through a partnership donation with Fender Musical Instruments.

Eddie Van Halen Fender Frankenstein 2

The guitar was made in 2006 as part of a joint venture between the artist and Fender to produce a limited edition number of guitars for the EVH brand. Known as the “Frankenstein Replica”, or “Frank 2”, it will be part of the museum’s Division of Culture and the Arts, which preserves a large and diverse collection of instruments.

“The museum collects objects that are multidimensional, and this guitar reflects innovation, talent and influence,” said Brent D. Glass, director of the museum. “The guitar moves the museum’s instrument collections into more contemporary history.”

Smithsonian magazine, June 2011

Q&A with Eddie Van Halen. EVH talks about his custom-made Frankenstein 2 that is now in the collections of the American History museum… read article


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  • RRMetalMag says:

    One of only a handful of guitars worthy of the Smithsonian National Museum. Sure, there are some absolutely phenomenal shredders in the world, but not since Hendrix has anyone demonstrated such a unique innovation of style and performance as Eddie V. The “Frankenstein” is most definitely a legendary axe. I watched them construct the giant “Frankenstein” replica in front of the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk in L.A. in 2011


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