Schecter PT Special 3-Tone Sunburst

Schecter PT Special

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New Schecter PT Special. Originally a custom model, the PT was inspired by the Schecter guitar Pete Townshend played onstage between 1979 and 1988. Now re-badged as the PT Special and available to a much wider spectrum of musicians as part of the factory-produced Diamond Series… Read More

Kramer Baretta Special Vintage White

Kramer Baretta Special

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The new Kramer Baretta Special has a pedigree like few instruments out there. Styled in the image of the original Kramer Barettas of the early to mid 1980s, one of which was the choice of the legendary Edward Van Halen, the Baretta Special has the distinctive offset double-cutaway body and droopy “hockey” headstock that set the rock world alight nearly 30 years ago, while providing the power and playability required to do justice to its namesake.
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Gibson SG Special Limited

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The SG Special brings all of this great guitar’s attributes to a no-nonsense package that’s heavy on tone, but easy on the budget. All of the real-deal tonewoods, construction, and playability are here, along with the classic hardware complement and an upgraded set of high-output Gibson Dirty Fingers humbucking pickups.
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