Caparison Dellinger II M3 MF Snowstorm

Caparison Dellinger II-M3

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The Caparison Dellinger II-M3 is part of the next evolution of the classic Dellinger series. Caparison have taken the original design and improved the tonal characteristics by introducing different body constructions. For 2012, The Caparison Dellinger II-M3 is now available with either a Maple or Ebony fingerboard. In addition, two new sponge colour finishes (SnowStorm and BlackRose) are available, this custom finish is applied by hand so each production model is visually unique.
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Caparison Christopher Amott Dellinger CA

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The new Caparison Christopher Amott Dellinger-CA model has a distinctly vintage look but with all the attributes that you would expect from a modern boutique quality instrument. Dimarzio pickups mounted onto a solid Mahogany body helps bring out the full rich sonic qualities of the guitar. The Dellinger-CA VW has a single volume control, placed further away from the normal position, and no tone control to give you more bite, presence and drives your amp a little harder.
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