New 7-string from Skervesen Guitars of Poland – the Tamandua 7. The Tamandua 7 is how Skervesen imagine a contemporary Telecaster and can play anything from Djent through to Country tones. Also available as 6 string and 8-string…

The Skervesen Tamandua 7 is available with a bolt-on neck joint only. Tamandua 7 guitars feature a resonant chamber under an inlaid pickguard. Wood choices for this model were made with particular tone goal Skervesen had in mind. The pickups are Bare Knuckle Painkillers.

If you’re asking what a Tamandua is – it’s a small nocturnal arboreal Anteater (also called an Ant Bear) with a naked prehensile tail, native to tropical America.

Skervesen Guitars is a custom shop based in Gdansk, Poland. Every guitar is made by a small team of luthiers with great precision and passion for instruments.

logo Skervesen Guitars
  • Body: Mahogany or Swamp Ash
  • Top: Burl Elm
  • Neck: Rosewood with Maple strips
  • Fingerboard: Maple
  • Frets: 24 jumbo
  • Fret wire: Jascar Stainless
  • Fingerboard inlays: none
  • Scale length: 26.5″ / 648mm
  • Number of Pickups: 2
  • Neck pickup: Bare Knuckle Painkiller BKP
  • Bridge pickup: Bare Knuckle Painkiller BKP
  • Controls: Master Volume, Skervesen World Domination Mod controls (humbucking/coil split/acoustic mod)
  • Tuners: Hipshot
  • Bridge: Hipshot
  • Colours: Natural
  • Strings: 7
  • Country manufactured: Poland

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