Designed in collaboration with Grammy-nominated rock and blues artist Rick Vito. Known for his tasteful and versatile chops, Rick is a former member of Fleetwood Mac and has worked with Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Todd Rundgren, John Fogerty, Bob Seger. This art deco masterpiece sounds as good as it looks! The korina construction is warm and resonant, the ebony fretboard adds clarity and a slick feel. The neck P90 has been moved slightly closer to the bridge for extra bite.

Reverend Rick Vito Oceanside Green

Reverend Rick Vito Black

Special features:

  • Dual-Pro bridge pickup
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Pickup pan knob
  • Stairstep tuner buttons
  • Two-tone tapered case

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  • Ken Haas says:

    All of us at Reverend are very proud of our continuing partnership with Rick Vito. Not only is he an amazing guitarist & performer, he also has a unique vision for how he wants his guitar to look and sound. When combined with Joe Naylor’s talent for design and skill with guitar electronics, we ended up with what I feel is the most original guitar put forth by Reverend to date. I hope you check it out!!

  • Rick Vito says:

    It is my hope that everyone will enjoy the look, feel and sound of my new signature Reverend guitar. We tried some different ideas that are proving to be very popular with American players; the pan control, Dual-Pro bridge pickup, and very cool Retro-deco styling all really sets this guitar apart from the crowd. This is a great company with a lot of integrity, and I’m proud to be a part of the Reverend team as a co-designer, endorser and player. I own several different Reverend models as well as my own, and have found them to be very reliable instruments both for touring and in the studio. From 1998 on to now I have used my Reverends onstage with Bonnie Raitt, John Fogerty, the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band and my own solo tours. I’ve also used them extensively in the studio on my solo recordings and releases from Delbert McClinton, Hank Williams Jr., Bob Seger and many more. My instructional DVD, “Rick Vito: Complete Slide Guitar,” features the guitar as well. Reverend instruments have always come through for me, and I feel you cannot go wrong with the new and exciting Rick Vito Signature.

  • Shad says:

    I LIKE IT! It looks different! Something that I want! Wonder how much it is! Its woooooww!

  • Curt says:

    I’ve had mine for about 6 months after falling in love with at the Winter NAMM show. It’s an amazing guitar. Perfectly set up out of the box, plays like a dream. The fade knob makes for an infinite amount of tone, this should be standard equipment on all guitars! Just a great product!

  • John Murphy says:

    I won mine through Share My Guitar (SMG) which is a social network for guitarists. This guitar is awesome. The build quality is excellent! Frets are even, intonation and neck relief were perfect. The pan knob and Bass contour pots add so much more dimension to tone choices. The locking tuners keep it in tune as well as make it so much easier to change strings. I have small hands and the neck is very comfortable to play. The radius makes bends easy as well. I like this guitar so much that I traded in my other two guitars in towards a Blues Jr III. The P90 with the tone rolled back a little, OD pedal and amp make for some great blues tones.

  • blog kredyt says:

    Hello. I agree with you – 100% +. Thank you for the information. Nathan.


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