Music and audio innovator Peavey Electronics® has partnered with Antares Audio Technologies, the creator of world-renowned Auto-Tune® pitch-correction technology, to announce the dawn of the new guitar revolution: the Peavey AT-200™ guitar featuring Auto-Tune for Guitar, a new musical instrument that electronically self tunes and intonates continuously as you play.

Peavey AT-200 Candy Apple Red

Just as Auto-Tune changed how vocals are recorded, the Peavey AT-200 with Auto-Tune for Guitar will forever change the way guitars are played and recorded.

Peavey AT-200 features:

  • Antares Solid-Tune™ intonation system
  • built-in software upgrade capability
  • new features from Antares can be easily loaded into the AT-200
  • controlled by any MIDI source, from MIDI foot switch controllers to iPad or iPhone devices
  • looks, plays and sounds just like a conventional guitar
  • available in July 2012

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  • Courtney says:

    I have already ordered the Peavey AT-200. If it works like it should.. learning alot of different tuned songs should be easier & less time consuming. You cant just tune a regular guitar down 2 whole steps without changing strings or adjusting the guitar.. this will be a great guitar for learning songs. However….. Im puzzled why Peavey doesnt give more details about this guitar. For instance.. What kind of frets ? What kind of wood is the body made out of ? What type of tuners & Fretboard & Neck. The Neck Scale has yet to be specified as well. Even on their webpage, only articles about the up & Coming Product, but no specifics. O and $500 Dollar Price Range is heaven sent compared to the $7800+ MSRP On the Parker Version of this Technology. I look forward to getting one of the first ones..


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