The Misa digital guitar is an experimental new instrument, similar to an electric guitar in shape, but with an interface designed to easily and intuitively control digital audio. Most musicians today use some form of audio synthesis or sampling in their music. Virtually any type of sound can be created using these methods. Traditionally, digital piano keyboards have been the dominant instrument for controlling these sounds real-time in a musical setting.

Misa Kitara

Misa provides a new instrument that not only unites traditional guitar playing technique with digital sound, but allows digital guitarists to use playing techniques that are not possible or comfortable on a digital keyboard!

Misa Kitara specs:

  • Multi-touch LCD screen
  • MIDI out
  • Audio out (1.25″)
  • Headphone out (3.5mm)
  • Onboard multi-voice audio synthesizer with assignable effects blocks
  • Synth Effects
  • 24 frets; 144 notes
  • Powered by Linux (open source!)

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