The Manne Nighthawk Satin Special is a new series from Manne Guitars of Italy. It is the result of the application of Manne’s ideas into traditional and classic looking instruments. The result is a quality update with a brand new modern features of playability and performance. Developing the Nighthawk line Manne came across the idea of this new model. A dynamic look for a guitar that remains very traditional. Manne features for optimal playability, optimal access to the full fretboard and great attention to the details.

Manne Nighthawk Satin Special

One of the feature that sports the Manne production is the neck/body joint, a system that allow the neck to be installed very near the body edge without the need of a heel, giving a great access and a solid connection. Manne applied this system with the result of a unique upper frets access. Manne quality neck provide fast and precise playability, commonly considered one of the best necks on the markets.

Manne Nighthawk Satin Special features:

  • Construction: direct bolt on body (no steel plate on back of body)
  • Body: Black Korina
  • Top: Burl Poplar with a satin finish
  • Tuners: Gotoh F
  • Pickups: Alnico V or ceramic pick-ups (also available Manneblade minihumbuckers )
  • Fretboard: reduced thickness resin fretboad neck
  • Neck: Maple with laminate core
  • Neck shaping: Asymmetrical
  • Headstock: angled reverse

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