Line 6 introduce their first artist-designed guitar – the Variax Shuriken. Featuring a 27 inch baritone scale length, advanced Variax® HD technology and an assertive body shape, the Variax Shuriken guitar is the result of intense collaboration between Line 6, Yamaha Guitar Development, and guitarist Steve “Stevic” MacKay of Twelve Foot Ninja…

The Line 6 Variax Shuriken is based on original designs by Stevic – named after the ninja fighting stars and intended to be “the guitar that Batman would play”. Designed for heavier or more technical styles of music, Variax Shuriken delivers exceptional playability, clear and tight tone—plus the unrivaled versatility that Variax HD modeling provides.

Like all guitars in the Variax family, Variax Shuriken gives guitarists instant access to a wide range of guitar models and alternate tunings via Variax HD modeling technology. Instrument models and alternate tunings can be accessed with a simple twist of a knob – it’s like having 60 different guitars inside. Variax Shuriken also features custom guitar model and tuning presets created by Stevic MacKay.

“Electric guitars have seen a lot of changes over the years but nothing has ever come out that does what the Variax can do. It’s on a whole other level of technology infused with a conventional electric guitar and that combination of those two aspects results in this limitless potential. When I first picked it up what struck me straight away is we had achieved that fundamental resonance that you get when you play a really good guitar – it moulds into your body and you become one with your instrument. Really that’s the ultimate you can ask for in a guitar, that you get that synergy between the player and the instrument. The guitar is great, it looks cool, it feels great, it sounds excellent – it’s a well-made guitar. Really the ultimate goal is re-introducing the Variax concept in a completely new, contemporary way. That’s what the Shuriken is all about”Steve “Stevic” MacKay

logo Line 6
logo Shuriken Variax
  • Body wood: Alder
  • Body shape: contoured double cutaway offset
  • Neck wood: Maple
  • Neck Shape: C shape
  • Neck Joint: Bolt On
  • Neck Finish: Satin
  • Headstock: Reversed 6 In-Line
  • Scale Length: 27″ / 686mm
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Position Inlays: Off Set White Dots
  • Number of Pickups: 1
  • Bridge Pickup: Line 6 Bones Humbucker
  • Other Electronics: Variax electronics & LR Baggs Piezo pickup
  • integrate with other Line 6 products such as Helix, POD and Firehawk
  • Controls: Volume, Tone, Model and Alt Tuning
  • Bridge: 1-piece fixed custom ‘Strat Style’ bridge with piezo saddles
  • Included: Battery, Charger and Workbench Interface
  • Colour/Finish: Matte Black
  • Country manufactured: designed in Melbourne, Australia – built in South Korea

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