The Eagles are celebrating their 40th anniversary and collaborated with Duesenberg Guitars to design a new signature guitar. The result is the Duesenberg Eagles Series 40th Anniversary DCF…

Based on the Duesenberg Fullerton double-cutaway series and features custom gold sparkle paint along with raised 3D wings on the lower body, custom inlays of the bands name on the fingerboard, and silver-plated hardware.

Duesenberg Eagles Series 40th Anniversary DCF

The Duesenberg Eagles Series 40th Anniversary DCF is a collaboration between Duesenberg and Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit and Joe Walsh of the Eagles.

Duesenberg Eagles 40th Anniversary DCF features:

  • Semi-Acoustic Maple Body
  • Arched Spruce Top
  • Sustain Center Block
  • Maple Neck – Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Guitar: Domino P90 and Grand Vintage Humbucker
  • Duesenberg Deluxe Tremolo
  • 3D Eagle ‘wings’ embossed on the lower half of the body
  • Fingerboard: Eagles inlays
  • Custom Duesenberg Tuners and Trussrod Cover.
  • All hardware is Silver Plated and the Duesenberg Eagles Series comes with a custom case.

Could this be Guitar of the Year 2012? You decide. Guitar Planet rating…


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  • Brian Parnell says:

    It has a lot of promise, but the funky “design” behind the tailpiece and the odd headstock (with matching pick guard) kinda put me off. Also the inconsistent fret markers look weird. Pick one design and use it all the way, guys. Very nice guitar, but it could use some “smoothing” around the rough edges of the design. IMHO


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