Dean Guitars add to their Custom Zone series with the new Custom Zone II Floyd – an electric guitar that boasts a sleek design with curves and the classic Dean playability that makes it a rock natural…

This Custom Zone II model features a bolt-on Maple neck that provides fast attack with rugged durability, complimented by the Mahogany body and the thick, punchy tone delivered from the DMT Design humbucking pickups. Other premium features include grover tuners, black hardware, Vendette inlays, black dome knobs and a Floyd Rose Special bridge.

Loaded with two DMT Design humbucking pickups in the bridge and neck position, the Custom Zone II delivers a powerful and punchy tone with plenty of bottom end and sparkling highs. Perfect for a range of playing styles and music genres the DMT Design humbuckers particularly excel when used for hard rock and screaming lead licks.

For many years Floyd Rose has been the leading manufacturer and designer of locking tremolos. With a design that has stood strong for over 30 years the Floyd Rose locking tremolo allows you to adjust the string tension and pitch with the removable whammy bar to create unique sounds such as dive bombs. Unlike non-locking tremolo’s the Floyd Rose bridge can make huge changes in pitch but still retain the initial tuning by the addition of a locking nut at the end of the headstock.

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  • Top: Mahogany
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Binding: None
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Neck: Maple
  • Scale Length: 25 1/2″
  • Neck Type: Bolt-On
  • Neck Profile: C
  • Fingerboard: Maple
  • Inlays: Black
  • No. of Frets: 22
  • Pickup (Neck): DMT Design high-output humbucker
  • Pickup (Bridge): DMT Design high-output humbucker
  • Knobs: Black Dome
  • Hardware Color: Black
  • Tuners: Grover
  • Bridge: Floyd Rose Special tremolo
  • Colors: Classic Black, Purple, Nuclear Green

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