Hagstrom Retroscape Condor Black

Hagstrom Retroscape Condor

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Hagström have brought back some of their classic models from the 1960’s & rebranded them as the Retroscape series. The new Retroscape Condor is a reissue of the original 1963 Hagström Corvette (re-named the Condor for the US market). The Retroscape Condor features 3 Retro-S alnico V-loaded single-coil pickups wired to a master volume and a distinctive 6-switch chrome panel with an on/off slider for each pickup…

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Hagstrom Retroscape H-III Aged Sky Blue

Hagstrom Retroscape H-III

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The H-II and H-III were introduced in 1965, so 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of these iconic guitars. Many people have been asking for these classics to be re-issued, and Hagstrom are happy to comply with lovingly recreated and updated versions of these great classics… Read More