Kauer Starliner

By 2013, New Release No Comments

Introducing the Starliner, the first completely new Kauer model in the last 4 years. The Starliner is the culmination of 2 years of research and devolopment. Kauer set out with a simple goal, to build a guitar that would appeal to traditionalists without sacrificing the aesthetic and ergonomic benchmarks of the Kauer Daylighter. Using some prized vintage instruments as a tonal benchmark, the Starliner achieves a perfect blend of vintage tone with modern playability and stability.
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Kauer GT Daylighter JR

By 2011, New Release No Comments

The Daylighter JR, the barest of the bare rock machines from Kauer Guitars. Built out of a slab of Spanish Cedar with a matching one piece Spanish Cedar neck our JR’s remind of us Kalamazoo’s finest era. Huge, in your face tone coupled with unexpected warmth and clarity the JR’s have quickly become the mainstay of the Daylighter lineage. Available in variety of colors, options and limited special runs.
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