25th Anniversary

ESP LTD Kirk Hammett KH-25

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ESP introduce the LTD KH-25 signature model to commemorate Kirk Hammett’s twenty five year collaboration. The LTD Kirk Hammett KH-25 is a limited-edition instrument for players and collectors alike. Features include a black distressed finish and graphics designed to emulate Kirkʼs famous KH-2 Vintage model. The KH-25 has bolt-on construction at 25.5″ scale, with a basswood body, maple neck, and a Floyd Rose Special bridge. The guitar also features ESPʼs new ALH-200 active pickups.
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Ibanez RG3XXV RG 25th Anniversary Laser Blue

Ibanez RG3XXV RG 25th Anniversary

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The Ibanez RG3XXV is the third model released in the RG 25th Anniversary series – celebrating a quarter of a century as one of the most popular guitars ever produced. The new RG3XXV 25th Anniversary RG sports a “best of” collection of features favoured by RG fans such as the Wizard III 3-piece maple neck, Edge Zero II double locking tremolo and DiMarzio pickups including a fabled Air Norton in the neck position.
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Ibanez RG RG2XXV 25th Anniversary Fluorescent Yellow

Ibanez RG 25th Anniversary RG2XXV

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As part of the RG 25th Anniversary Ibanez introduce the new RG2XXV. The RG2XXV is the cheaper alternative to it’s sister model RG1XXV announced earlier in 2012. The Ibanez RG was developed in the 80s as the Roadstar (RG stands for Roadstar Guitar) and it soon earned a reputation as a pedal-to-the-metal shred machine. The 25th Anniversary RG sports a “best of” collection of features favoured by RG fans including the Wizard III neck, Edge Zero II bridge and Infinity pickups.
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Ibanez S 25th Anniversary S1XXV

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The Ibanez S celebrates the big 2-5! With its sculpted lightweight mahogany body, the S series stepped into the limelight 25 years ago – continuing to this day to be a marvel of form and function. Fast in looks and deeds, the S has curves of a classic GT racer, and the “fastest neck in the biz” the Wizard III neck. Embraced almost immediately after its 1987 introduction by the elite “guitarists’ guitarists” of the period, the S is built for as much speed as the player is capable.
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