Keeping with Parker tradition, the MaxxFly DFMV7 is uniquely versatile. Brilliantly conceived and time-tested features yield unparalleled stability, making this 7-string perfect for anyone seeking to add extended tonal options to their music with the playability and feel that ONLY a Parker Guitar can deliver.

Parker MaxxFly DFMV7 Galaxy Grey

Parker MaxxFly DFMV7 Dusty Black

The Parker MaxxFly DFMV7 guitar embodies the famous Parker evolution in design and uncompromising craftsmanship.

Parker MaxxFly DFMV7 specs:

  • Body Wood: Mahogany
  • Construction: Solid one piece
  • Finish: Polyurethane
  • Bridge: Parker custom cast aluminum 7-string vibrato bridge, 7 Stainless steel saddles
  • Vibrato System: Custom flat spring with balance adjustment, 3-mode step stop: fixed, bend down only, or floating
  • Neck Wood: Mahogany
  • Neck Design: Solid one piece with carbon-glass-epoxy reinforcement
  • Scale: 25.5″
  • Number of Frets: 24 Frets
  • Fret Board: Carbon-Glass-Epoxy .020″ composite, 14″ radius
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan® 7-string SH6N (neck) and 7-string TB6 (bridge)
  • Piezo System: 7-element Custom Graphtech® Ghost piezos
  • PreAmp/Mixer: Graphtech Ghost Preamp

Could this be our Guitar of the Year for 2012? You decide…


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