Introducing the new M-tone Slipstream. The Slipstream is a curvy model with a tight waist and is deeply contoured front and back. Mahogany body and two Lollar Imperials pickups are standard. The first four of these have a metal 1957 Sputnik badge inlaid in the upper horn.

M-Tone Slipstream

M-tone Guitars are hand made by Matt Proctor in Portland, Oregon. M-tone guitars have sweet shapes and finishes, and use steel, brass, aluminum and bone instead of plastic because real materials make real tone.

M-Tone Slipstream features:
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: handcarved Pau Ferro
  • Bridge: Hipshot
  • Pickups: Lollar Imperials
  • Pickguard: 16-gauge steel plates
  • Genuine Soviet Sputnik badge inlaid in the upper horn
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    • William says:

      I own Slipstream No. 1. As unbelievable as it looks, it feels even better and plays far better. It is an amazing instrument. What is not mentioned in any review and cannot be seen is how great a job Matt does on his necks. They are a little less thick than commercial Strats or Les Pauls for those of us that don’t have mutant hands. Also, the finish is perfect. No thick glossy finish. Just a light oil stain that gets smoother and faster the more you play. And even more important the tone and sustain are amazing!


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