New website Guitar Planet launches Sept 2011. There are hundreds of guitar websites but none, as far as we know, that set out to do what Guitar Planet does…

  • an independent online showcase of electric guitars from all manufacturers from the arthouse custom luthiers to the big guns such as Fender & Gibson
  • we think these guitars are works of art and hopefully give viewers the drooling gear-lust but… Guitar Planet is NOT a shop so there won’t be in-your-face advertising
  • Guitar Planet will hopefully grow into a portal or hub for the guitar community based on the social networking philosophy where users engage with the site & write content such as reviews & ratings and more as new features are added
  • we are planning to do an iPad version one day too…


Thank you Tony Bacon for “The Ultimate Guitar Book” which does exactly what it says on the tin. I’ve always wanted to do a website version of this book. If the website gets to be half as good as the book I’ll be more than happy.

More Inspiration

Trip Advisor – just type in a holiday destination eg: Kefalonia and you get photos, detailed info/stats, top 10’s, best of 2011 and best of all – stories, reviews and ratings from real people who’ve actually been there and done that. This got us to thinking – why isn’t there a website like Trip Advisor but for Guitars? Well, there is now!

Interact. Engage. Turn it up to 11…

We have a long way to go to get near Trip Advisor but we hope this builds into an online community for guitar-heads everywhere. So, spread the word. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook. Add your comments on the website. Get involved and enjoy…


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  • Mr Axehead says:

    Not much of a website is it? Where’s the Banjo’s? You can’t be taken seriously until you’ve featured a Banjo or even a Vega Cylinder-back Tenor Lute.


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