Fibenare release unique custom guitar in collaboration with Hungarian artist/painter Oliver Sin. Master Luthier Gabor Goldschmidt tells the story: “We met him regularly lately and something started to evolve, some new project. A collaboration of both of our arts. Something we can bring to a picture exhibition, and hang on the wall among paintings. Something we can bring to a concert-venue too”

“We decided to make an instrument with him (or more precisely: for him to paint), an instrument that’s a reference for one of his paintings. He choose the “Universe” theme to work with, and the child was born. So here you can see where pure artistic minds can lead. You can play it, you can hang it on the wall it doesn’t matter it’s a real piece of art” – Gabor Goldschmidt

Fibenare Oliver Sin Universe

Fibenare Oliver Sin

“I love music, to listen to it, to play it and I think that the guitar is one of the greatest tools to create it. Lately I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Fibenare Guitars Co., the most exclusive luthiers in the business, who let me paint on a true gem” (Oliver Sin)

Fibenare Oliver Sin features:

  • Fibenare please contact us with the guitar specs

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