Eastwood Guitars announce new EEG Deerhoof signature model – coming soon Summer 2016. Based on the EEB-1 (Eastwood Electric Bass) which is in itself a tribute to the AMPEG AEB model from the late 1960’s which had the distinctive f-holes cut clean through the body…

Deerhoof is an American band whose erratic style veers between noise pop, punk rock, and avant-garde. Eastwood Guitars have been fans of Deerhoof for many years. Last year they contacted Ed and John from Deerhoof to see if they had any ideas for a cool new guitar. They said: “how about a 6-string version of your EEB Bass?” So they made a couple of prototypes and the EEG Deerhoof was born.

“I began playing the Airline Tuxedo back in 2009 and loved everything about it. Once Mike contacted us about collaborating on a new guitar there were a million ideas, but the one main desire was simplicity. On tour, we often use a random backline day to day and have very short sound checks. We need to adjust our sound on the fly, deal with bassy Marshall cabs, brutally cutting Vox’s, rooms not meant to have music played in them, everything. We tour with one guitar each and limited pedals. We wanted a guitar that could fit our tough touring requirements. What’s more, we are immensely picky about our guitar tones. Deerhoof is loud and wild but we want every note to be heard. The guitars have to be powerful but not overpower our quiet singer with icepick high-mids. The guitar needs to project a stripped-down garage-punk sound whether we’re playing single notes, power chords or dense dissonant chords. We also need a good “vocal” type to double Satomi’s melodies, which we do a lot. We hope you find the new EEG as inspiring as we do!” – Ed from Deerhoof

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  • Body Material: Basswood
  • Body Type: solid body with f-holes cut-through
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Scale Length: 25.5″
  • Fingerboard Material:
  • Fingerboard Inlay: blocks
  • Number of Frets: 22
  • Nut width: 1 5/8″
  • Number of Pickups: 2
  • Neck Pickup: P90 humbucker
  • Bridge Pickup: P90 humbucker
  • Controls: 2 x Tone, 1 x master volume, 3-way pickup selector,
  • Traditional tone knob: when pulled splits the stacked P90 Humbuckers to single-coils
  • Opposite tone knob: when pulled kicks in the phase switch
  • Phase switch
  • Colors: White
  • Weight: 8lbs
  • Country manufactured: USA

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