Presenting the Duesenberg Artist Series! The first partner is Dave Stewart, mastermind of the Eurythmics. The DAS-DS, an abbreviation for the “Duesenberg Artist Series – Dave Stewart,” is an exclusive version of the Duesenberg Starplayer III. Its most remarkable feature, of course, are the striking graphics, the design of which follows that of Stewart’s new album.

Duesenberg Dave Stewart Blackbird

“Limited edition only 52 are made and each one is a humdinger” (Dave Stewart)

Duesenberg Dave Stewart Blackbird special features:

  • Limited production run of 52 worldwide
  • New “Three Steps” fretboard inlays
  • “Artist Series” inlay at fret XII
  • Silver-plated hardware
  • A tone control knob featuring Dave Stewart’s silhouette
  • The f-hole label signed and numbered by Dave Stewart

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