Dr.K Guitarz release the Suny-K electric guitar. This is a one-off model made by boutique luthier Dr.K in Montreal, Canada. Maybe if we all like this guitar so much le Docteur will make some more…

“The Suny-K is a nice blend of wood and metal. The grid comes from an old Mac Pro rescued from the garbage, and yes, the neck inlays were a real PITA to do, but the result is so cool” – Dr.K

Dr.K’s Fine Guitarz started in 2009 when a guitar addicted video editor realized he’ll never be happy with any existing instrument. Instead of buying this 4000$ LP custom hanging on the wall of one of Montreal’s music stores, he decided to buy tools and began to produce sawdust. This adventure was made possible with the tons of knowledge available on the various guitar building forums on the web, the advice of a few local luthiers and a truckload of trials and errors.

Dr.K builds 4 or 5 guitars each year, they are available at reverb.com. Unfortunately, this one sold in February 2016.

logo Dr.K Guitars
  • Body: Mahogany chambered
  • Body chamber covers: metal grid from an old Mac Pro
  • Top: White Ash
  • Weight: around 5 lbs (2.26kg) on a bathroom scale
  • Neck: 3-piece Mahogany
  • Construction: set-in
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Scale length: 25″ (635mm)
  • Number of Pickups: 2
  • Pickups: GFS Gold Foil
  • Bridge: Tonepros wraparound
  • Pots: CTS
  • Tuners: Grover keystone
  • Color: Yellow
  • Country manufactured: Canada

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