Schecter Robin Finck Ultra III Red Nitro

Schecter Robin Finck Ultra III

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Introducing the Schecter Diamond Series Robin Finck Ultra III signature model – from dark industrial to heavy rock, the Finck Ultra offers a three humbucker solution including a Seymour Duncan SM-3B ‘bucker in the bridge and Duncan Designed FG-101 pickups in the neck and mid positions. Each humbucker has a switch that toggles it between on, off and tap for incredible single coil tones.
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Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III

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The Ultra-III – Where Tradition Meets Technology: We all know that deep down, most guitarists love classic designs and shapes. That’s why Epiphone designed the new Les Paul Ultra-III with the same look and features of a traditional Les Paul but added new technology giving you a guitar that’s still a real Les Paul but also so much more!
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