Roeller Triton

By 2012, New Release One Comment
Roeller Custom Guitars release the Triton Series. In an effort to continue to diversify their designs, Roeller created the Triton Series. This design incorporates the Roeller’s Custom flare at the base of the guitar with the multi- leveling and sharp angles, and flows up to a smoother modified doubling horn, cutaway. The resonance that is created from the single cut body, with high density Maple neck is unparalleled. This guitar is designed to play with a complex tonal range, and has a bright, crisp sound, while still having an aggressive look.
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Roeller V

By 2012, New Release No Comments

The Roeller V is the forth of our signature lines. It features the V shape with its shark tooth turns of the points and it is a single cut guitar in the wood of your choice. The Roeller V was built from highly figured Walnut, with the sap side running from the front of the body to the back, thus creating a truly stunning instrument. It too, can be modified with an elevated or carved sculpture and it can also be modified with any number of pickup, and volumes or tones. With the solid cut design, it sounds like a guitar in high definition. All the levels are more acute and distinct and with the 25.5 scale neck the base tones are deep and full.
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Roeller Blues Devil

By 2011, New Release One Comment

As part of our company development, we decided that we needed a Jazz / Blues Guitar. Something that would have a more stream line profile, and still have the Roeller Custom flare. Introducing, ‘The Blues Devil’! With its large body base, and setback double cutaway design, it has the weight and density to make the lower tones resonate out in true high definition, make the mid tones average, and the Trem’s sharp and crisp. This combination of tonal control makes it ideal for professional Jazz or Blues players. Interestingly enough this sound combination also makes this instrument sound better then most metal guitars!
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