Fodera Imperial Deluxe Natural

Fodera Imperial Deluxe

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New Fodera Imperial Deluxe. Fodera are best known for their bass guitars which are hand-crafted in New York. They have made 6-string guitars in the past but only for custom orders. Fodera are now producing the Imperial and Emperor as standard models. The Fodera Imperial is a single cut guitar combining the classic thick rich tone of guitars from the 50’s updated with modern aesthetic, playability, and construction techniques… Read More

Fodera Emperor Classic Vintage Sunburst

Fodera Emperor Classic

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New Fodera Emperor Classic. Fodera are better known for their custom bass guitars, but now add to their 6-string product line. Based on the Emperor J Standard Classic bass model the new Fodera Emperor Classic 6-string has all of the old-world craftsmanship, tone, playability and pro-player reliability that the company has long been known for… Read More