Name the Guitar Planet Alien

[bquote]This competition is now closed…[/bquote] The winner is Becks Paton with “Lixxi”. Mr Licks was too gender-specific (hello ladies!) and what’s more Lixxi is fully rock and roll. Any resemblance to a certain Mr Lexxi Foxxx of Steel Panther is purely respectful! Thanks to all who entered – especially Kostas (bad luck) but we send you good karma from our planet. Stay tuned for the next competition…

Guitar Planet coffee mug of doom

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Suggestions so far include…

  • SRV 5150
  • Hendrixxx
  • Bob
  • Mr Licks
  • Lixxxi
  • Fretty
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    How to enter

  • follow Guitar Planet on Twitter @guitar_planet
  • send us a tweet including the alien name suggestion(s)
  • wait for the judges decision…
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    Closing Date

    Competition closed end of December 2011 shazzbat na nu na nu…

    [testimonials1 by=”Phil”] “I think the alien should be called Metal Mickey or Shencks after Michael Schenker. He was in UFO and his playing was out of this world…”