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Dean Michael Angelo Batio MAB7 Warrior Armorflame

Dean Michael Angelo Batio MAB7 Warrior

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Dean introduce new MAB signature 7-string for 2013 – the Dean Michael Angelo Batio MAB7 Warrior. Comes in Classic Black or stunning “ArmorFlame” artwork over its alder body. The graphic was designed by Stephen Jensen from F3 Studios who also did the MAB1 (which LixXxi thinks is the greatest artwork ever put on to a guitar). The bolt-on 24-fret Maple neck is shaped and spec’d exactly the way Michael likes it with a super fast neck contour. Also features dual EMG 707 pickups, Alder body & top and a Floyd Rose bridge.
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Dean go back to the 70's with new Chicago series

Dean V Chicago Flame

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Dean Guitars go back to their roots – new Chicago Series electric guitars pay homage to the original Dean guitars produced in Chicago and introduced at the 1977 NAMM show. The V Chicago Flame has classic 70’s vibe with Dimarzio pickups, vintage colours, vintage looks. All-Mahogany body, Flame Maple top, chrome & gold hardware and Grover tuners.
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ESP LTD EC-1000 ET Evertune Black

ESP LTD EC-1000 Evertune

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New ESP LTD EC-1000 Evertune – a whole new way of approaching the art & science of keeping guitars in tune. EverTune is an all-mechanical system, with springs in the guitar’s body that provide constant tension to the strings. The result: you not only maintain excellent tuning from day to day, but your guitar’s intonation is amazingly accurate at all points up and down the neck. You don’t have to change your playing style or any degree of expression while remaining in pristine pitch at all times.
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EVH Striped Series Red Black White

EVH Striped Series

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New for 2013 – the EVH Striped Series guitar. Featuring a basswood Stratocaster-style body decked out in Eddie Van Halen’s famed striped graphics. Based on Van Halen’s legendary “Frankenstein” Stratocaster, the EVH Striped Series is a stripped-down speed machine with a single humbucker… Read More

pink is the new black

Ibanez RG 25th Anniversary RG1XXV

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The RG was developed in the 80’s as the Roadstar (RG stands for Roadstar Guitar) and it soon earned a reputation as a pedal-to-the-metal shred machine. Although there are RG players in a range of genres, the metal guitarist continues to be the die-hard RG player. The 25th Anniversary RG soprts a “best of” collection of features favoured by RG fans.
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