Gibson Les Paul Classic 2017 T Green Ocean Burst

Gibson Les Paul Classic 2017 T

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The Gibson Les Paul Classic 2017 T (Traditional) captures the character of a classic Les Paul from the 1960’s & 70’s but with a contemporary twist. The modern upgrades are the Grover locking tuners, 9-hole weight relief, rolled fretboard edges, PLEK setup and the PAF-clone ’57 Classic pickups with Orange drop capacitors… Read More

Fodera Imperial Deluxe Natural

Fodera Imperial Deluxe

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New Fodera Imperial Deluxe. Fodera are best known for their bass guitars which are hand-crafted in New York. They have made 6-string guitars in the past but only for custom orders. Fodera are now producing the Imperial and Emperor as standard models. The Fodera Imperial is a single cut guitar combining the classic thick rich tone of guitars from the 50’s updated with modern aesthetic, playability, and construction techniques… Read More

Fodera Emperor Classic Vintage Sunburst

Fodera Emperor Classic

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New Fodera Emperor Classic. Fodera are better known for their custom bass guitars, but now add to their 6-string product line. Based on the Emperor J Standard Classic bass model the new Fodera Emperor Classic 6-string has all of the old-world craftsmanship, tone, playability and pro-player reliability that the company has long been known for… Read More

Schecter PT Special 3-Tone Sunburst

Schecter PT Special

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New Schecter PT Special. Originally a custom model, the PT was inspired by the Schecter guitar Pete Townshend played onstage between 1979 and 1988. Now re-badged as the PT Special and available to a much wider spectrum of musicians as part of the factory-produced Diamond Series… Read More

Shergold Masquerader SM01-SD Thru Dirty Blonde

Shergold Masquerader SM01-SD

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The Shergold Masquerader is back! The Shergold Masquerader SM01-SD has been re-designed for the 21st century by British luthier Patrick James Eggle. The original Masquerader was used extensively by artists such as New Order, Joy Division and Genesis in the 1970’s and 80’s. This modern reinvention of an iconic British guitar makes a polite nod to its 1970’s heritage, then quickly heads off in its own new direction… Read More

Gretsch G6131MY-CS Custom Shop Malcolm Young Salute Jet

Gretsch G6131MY-CS Malcolm Young Salute Jet

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Gretsch Custom Shop USA release the G6131MY-CS Malcolm Young “Salute” Jet. The long-awaited new signature guitar is based on Young’s 1963 Jet Firebird – nicknamed “The Beast” – and is limited to 40 pieces worldwide. In development since 2008, the Gretsch Custom Shop team have painstakingly recreated all the details of his battle-scarred axe, including the stripped paint job, missing pickups and heavy relic damage… Read More

Born Classic Series MG Drop Vintage White

Born Classic Series MG Drop

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Born Custom Guitars Classic Series MG Drop is a built-to-order pre-spec’d workhorse, hand-made in Broomfield, Colorado. The MG Drop can be customised to almost any degree – everything from wood choice for every wood component on the guitar, to neck shape, inlays and finish, pickup combinations and windings. Born Guitars call this your Future Vintage™ Guitar… Read More

Fender American Professional Telecaster Butterscotch Blonde

Fender American Professional Telecaster

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New for 2017 Fender introduce the American Professional Series Telecaster. This replaces the American Standard Series which began in 1987, and has been Fender’s flagship line for serious artists and players. Featuring new pickups designed by pickup guru Tim Shaw, a brand-new “Deep C” shaped neck profile, new electronics, bone nut, narrow-tall frets for easier string bending, new finishes including the return of the classic Butterscotch Blonde… Read More

Gretsch G6134T-58 Vintage Select '58 Penguin Vintage White

Gretsch G6134T-58 Vintage Select 58 Penguin

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New Gretsch G6134T-58 Vintage Select ’58 Penguin is a return to production of a very rare bird – only 50 Penguins were made between 1958 to 1962. The 2017 Penguin has been added to the Vintage Select range of modern classic Gretsch guitars with TV Jones pickups modelled on the original Filter’Tron’s for that classic Gretsch sound and period-correct Bigsby and Space-Control bridge to capture the original vibe… Read More

Jackson X Series Kelly KEX Satin Black

Jackson X Series Kelly KEX

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New Jackson X Series Kelly KEX. Introduced in hair-metal era 1984 the Kelly 2017 version is part of Jackson’s mid-priced X Series range and comes loaded with revamped pickups, the compound radius fingerboard pioneered by Jackson, neck-through-body construction reinforced by graphite support rods flanking the truss rod plus new colours/finishes including the KEXQ Quilted Maple… Read More

Gibson Les Paul Standard HP 2017 Honey Burst

Gibson Les Paul Standard HP 2017

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The Gibson Les Paul Standard HP 2017 is the flagship model of the Gibson 2017 HP (High Performance) range. It is the full ‘bells & whistles’ model with the latest modern high-tech that you don’t get on the T (Traditional) version. “Ridiculously gorgeous. Unbelievably versatile. The new Les Paul Standard 2017 HP is the most luxurious and groundbreaking Les Paul Standard ever made” (Gibson)… Read More

Jackson USA Marty Friedman MF-1

Jackson USA Marty Friedman MF-1

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Jackson announce new Marty Friedman MF-1 signature model. The MF-1 honours the longstanding relationship that Friedman has with Jackson by collaborating with the virtuoso on the all-new USA Signature Marty Friedman MF-1 and the more affordable X Series version. Friedman wanted a futuristic-looking singlecut so the MF-1 is based on the Monarkh body shape in distinctive gloss black with white bevels and comes loaded with Friedman’s discerning specifications… Read More