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Ibanez Joe Satriani 30th Anniversary JS1CR30 Chrome Boy

Ibanez Joe Satriani JS1CR30

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Ibanez celebrate their 30-year collaboration with Joe Satriani by unveiling the new JS1CR30 “Chrome Boy” limited edition signature model. the Ibanez R&D team worked closely with Joe to develop a finish that was worthy of Joe’s approval – and of the Chrome Boy moniker. This is the 4th chrome guitar in the Ibanez JS series but this one has a Sustainiac Driver pickup combined with a DiMarzio Satchur8 pickup and an Edge Trem… Read More

Mayones Regius CoreGuard 6 Antique Brown

Mayones Regius CoreGuard 6

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New for 2018 Mayones Regius CoreGuard 6 added to their Master Builder Collection (MBC) the special division within Mayones where they create their super-customised hand-crafted instruments. There are 6 basic CoreGuard models with Seymour Duncan or Bare Knuckle pickups and sculpted pickguards in a variety of different woods with matching headstocks. … Read More

Schecter Spitfire Black Leopard

Schecter Spitfire

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The Schecter Spitfire is a new addition to the 2018 Schecter Retro range. Combining a classic vintage vibe from a lost era with features, playability and refinements that are completely up-to-date for today’s modern player… Read More

Fender Eric Johnson Signature Thinline Stratocaster Vintage White

Fender Eric Johnson Thinline Stratocaster

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Fender introduce the Eric Johnson Thinline Stratocaster signature model – the first-ever semi-hollowbody Strat that still maintains the guitar’s classic contours. Made in close collaboration with Johnson, the aim was to make a lightweight, resonant guitar that cross-breeds the tones of his favourite guitars like the hollow body Gibson 335, and his solidbody Stratocaster… Read More

Friedman Cali Vintage-S White

Friedman Cali Vintage-S

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Introducing the brand new Friedman Cali Vintage-S. Friedman are world renowned for their Amps but now have a range of guitars in production. Designed by Dave Friedman in collaboration with Grover Jackson, the Cali Vintage-S is a hot-rodded Super-Strat with a pair of humbuckers and a Floyd Rose that take you right back to the 1980’s… Read More

Revelation RJT-60 MTL Greenburst

Revelation RJT-60 MTL

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New Revelation RJT-60 MTL (ThinLine) is the latest in the RJT Series from respected UK guitar guru Alan Entwistle. Reminiscent of a Jazzmaster, the RJT-60 MTL has retro styling combined with modern ATN-5 circuitry aiming to be the ideal workhorse for musicians that demand a vast array of tones from their instrument without sacrificing aesthetics in the process. .. Read More

Fender George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster

Fender George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster

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Fender Custom Shop release the George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster – a very special limited edition replica of the guitar that Fender built specifically for Harrison in 1968. It was the first all-Rosewood guitar ever to be produced by Fender and was used to record “Let it Be” and famously played during the Beatles last live performance on the “Rooftop Concert” in London January 1969… Read More

Epiphone Matt Heafy Snofall Les Paul Custom 6 Alpine White

Epiphone Matt Heafy Snofall Les Paul Custom

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The Epiphone Matt Heafy SnØfall Les Paul Custom is the second collaboration between Epiphone and Trivium frontman Matt Heafy following the 2013 all-black signature guitar. Inspired by Trivium’s critically acclaimed album “Silence in the Snow” with an all-white finish, white Phenolic fingerboard, white EMG active pickups and available in both 6 and 7-string models…

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Carlino Icarus Korina

Carlino Icarus Korina

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Introducing the 2017 Carlino Icarus Series in Korina. 2 years in the making the Carlino Icarus evokes the look of late 1950’s Korina guitars from Gibson. If the Korina Flying V, Explorer and Moderne had a love-child the Icarus would be it. Built-to-order from exotic flamed Korina body and neck, the Icarus has a unique look all its own and comes with the power you expect from custom Seymour Duncan SH1 and SH6 pickups… Read More

Ibanez KIKO10BP Trans Black

Ibanez KIKO10BP

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New Ibanez KIKO10BP Kiko Loureiro signature guitar. This is almost identical to the KIKO10P Ibanez introduced in their Premium line in 2014 but has a new Transparent Gray Burst finish. Based on the Ibanez SA but with a thicker Alder body the 2017 KIKO10BP still has the DiMarzio KIKO original pickups, extra deep horn cut, Tilt-in jack, lower profile Edge-Zero II tremolo, recessed knobs and a coil tap… Read More