Fodera Imperial Deluxe Natural

Fodera Imperial Deluxe

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New Fodera Imperial Deluxe. Fodera are best known for their bass guitars which are hand-crafted in New York. They have made 6-string guitars in the past but only for custom orders. Fodera are now producing the Imperial and Emperor as standard models. The Fodera Imperial is a single cut guitar combining the classic thick rich tone of guitars from the 50’s updated with modern aesthetic, playability, and construction techniques… Read More


DBZ Imperial FM Bigsby

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The DBZ Imperial FM Bigsby is truly a first. For the first time, a guitar that has the appeal of a double cutaway semi-hollow body, also offers the stability of a solid body electric, whose edges are just 5/8″ thin. Turn it sideways and it is as thin as an iPhone, yet it beautifully sculpts up to a full body electric in the middle. What you get is a guitar that balances, sings and sustains like no other.
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