Kiesel Carvin Aries AM6 Multiscale Kiesel Racing Orange

Kiesel Carvin Aries AM6 Multiscale

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Kiesel Carvin Guitars debut the newest member of the Aries Series bolt-neck, bevel-top guitar family, the Aries AM6 Multiscale fanned-fret guitar. The AM6 is modeled on the popular Aries A6 but is the first Kiesel Carvin guitar with 24 fanned frets, and a multiscale length bolt-on neck configuration.. Read More

Kiesel Carvin Vader V8

Kiesel Carvin Vader V8

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Kiesel Guitars and the Carvin Guitars Custom Shop announce the all-new Vader Series headless guitars. Available in 6, 7 and 8 string models, the 27″ scale Vader is one of the most revolutionary instruments Kiesel Carvin have produced, and generated huge amounts of positive buzz at NAMM 2015… Read More


Carvin Semi Hollow Carved Top SH550

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Carvin have jazzed up the SH550 for 2013. The SH550 features a beautifully carved 4A flamed maple top and a hand-selected mahogany body and neck. Carvin’s metal-covered S22 pickups are custom-wound with vintage plain enamal wire to bring out the rich tone and sustain of this guitar, while adding to it’s exceptional looks. The unique heel design and “Rapid Play” neck ensures effortless playability, and lower body cutaway allow uninhibited access up to the 22nd fret. The SH550 has all the features of the SH575, without the MIDI Synth access electronics.
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Carvin JB200C Jason Becker

By | 2012, Artist Signature Models, New Release | One Comment
In response to his still-strong legion of fans around the world, Carvin has created the Jason Becker Tribute JB200C electric guitar. The Custom Shop worked with Jason to design this instrument as closely as possible to his original DC200. The JB200C is loaded with many upgraded standard features, combined with our state-of-the art modern manufacturing processes.
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Carvin Allan Holdsworth HH1 Tobacco Burst

Carvin Allan Holdsworth HH1

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For a number of years, acclaimed guitarist Allan Holdsworth had challenged the Carvin Custom Shop to develop a headless guitar, as he wanted the improved tone and playability of his Holdsworth H2 and HF2 signature guitars, but in a more compact version. Carvin is excited to respond to his request with the new Allan Holdsworth Signature HH1 headless guitar. Carvin has engineered this guitar from the ground up, with the specific goal of meeting Allan’s exacting demands for sound, playability and weight.
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Carvin DC800

Carvin DC800

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The new Carvin DC800 is much more than a 7-string guitar with an extra string. Carvin have designed this model from the ground up with the 8-string guitarist in mind. An extended scale 27″ fingerboard with 20″ radius, new active A80 pickups, comfortable deep arm cut and belly cut and many more features make the DC800 the 8-string guitar players have been waiting for. The DC800 is a neck-through design, with maple neck and alder body standard.
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