Schecter Damien Riot FR

By September 25, 20112011, New Release

The Damien Riot FR takes the unique Riot body from the Schecter’s line of bass guitars, adds a Floyd Rose tremolo with a locking nut and employs it into the hands of electric guitarists for an incredible one of a kind guitar. Pairing the eccentric Riot Body with standard Damien features including the EMG H4 and H4A humbuckers, arched basswood body, bolt-on maple neck and Damien style Black Pearl Bat inlays to compliment the aggressive sound that is pure Damien at heart! Schecter Damien Riot FR Features Basswood Body with Bolt-on Construction 25.5 inch Scale Maple Neck 24 Fret Rosewood Fingerboard EMGhz H4 and EMGhz H4A Humbuckers Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo

Schecter Damien Riot FR


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